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ViewScan FAQ

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked ViewScan questions. Have a question that’s not answered here? – contact us today!

How many people can the machine process per hour?

Approximately 900 people per hour.

What kind of objects does it detect?

ViewScan detects ferromagnetic objects, or metals that are iron based such as guns, knives and other dangerous weapons. ViewScan is also able to detect cell phones and other electronic devices. Items as small as a paperclip will be detected.

Does the ViewScan need to be calibrated?

The technology used for detection allows the sensors to continually zero themselves automatically so the unit will not need to be calibrated.

Can the ViewScan be transported and used at temporary events?

Absolutely. ViewScan is a light-weight and easily set up, allowing it to be the perfect security device for many events.

Can ViewScan be used at outdoor events?

Yes. However, the machine is not waterproof or airtight, so it will need to be placed under cover and not come into direct contact with rain, snow or water.

Is there any training required to install and operate the ViewScan?

Installation and operation of the ViewScan is very simple. Training on installing the unit and operating the software will take place upon receiving your ViewScan.

What are ViewScan’s archiving capabilities?

ViewScan has the ability to archive all data, graphical readings and pictures of every person that has walked through the system. All of this information can be easily obtained through the software.

Am I able to get any reports from the ViewScan software?

Yes, there is a full report generator built in. You can generate a report with scans broken down by the hour with info on how many people walked through and how many scans were clean or not, highest scan value, etc… You can also get a total of these numbers for each day.

Is there any required routine maintenance that needs to performed?

As long as there is no physical damage to the unit, you will only need to keep the machine, computer and connections dust free.

What cameras are supported with the ViewScan Unit?

Currently, the ViewScan uses a PoE AXIS camera for its digital imaging.

How many ViewScans can be supported per server?

ViewScan software can operate up to 5 portals simultaneously. This is no limit to the number of connections through a web browser, allowing multiple users to monitor traffic flow.

Does ViewScan only work in one direction?

No. ViewScan works in both directions. The infrared sensor will sense and scan people entering and exiting.

Does ViewScan connect to 3rd party products?

Yes, ViewScan connects to 3rd party platforms using TCP.

Does the system support Active Directory?

Not currently.

What is involved in configuring the software and what is customizable?

Software installation and normal configuration for operation are completed before delivery or installation. Some features are customizable for the user such as password protection for settings, threshold adjustment, video panel display, report generation and more.

Can I interface to my x-ray system as a secondary scanning system?

ViewScan and X-Ray machines haven’t been technically interfaced. However, they have been used in conjunction with each other in a variety of different atmospheres. Having the ability to scan someone for threat items as well as screen their belongings utilizing x-ray is a very good security protocol to have for entry point security.

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