Vape sensors to be installed in all Limestone County high school bathrooms

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New vape sensors will be installed at all Limestone County High School bathrooms for the next school year.

It comes after a pilot program with the sensors two years ago at West Limestone High School.

In that time frame, they’ve detected more than 200 vapes. The school also had four to five students taken to the emergency room because of their reaction to THC in some of the vapes.

That’s why the school principal says he’s glad the school board approved more sensors to go to all high school bathrooms.

“I want it to be a deterrent because it is an epidemic that a lot of people don’t think about. It can endanger our students, so we’re trying to remove it any way we can,” Principal Russ Cleveland said.

The HALO Smart Sensor looks like a smoke detector that is attached on the ceiling of the bathroom.

That sensor examines aerosol particles in the air. When it detects the specific vape chemical particles in the air, it will alert staff via phone and email. This sensor is so sensitive that it will let staff know what exactly it detected, and whether it has THC in it.

The alert will also provide a time stamp, so that staff can go back and look through the surveillance video of the camera outside the bathroom to figure out who to bring to the office.

“Our students at this point because of what we’re doing if they get called in they just give it up. They know. They know,” Principal Cleveland said.

If a student is found with a vape, they will receive five days of in school suspension for their first offense. For the second offense, students get five days at home suspension followed by ISS; for the third, kids are referred to alternative school.

The company who makes the sensor, Danmark Communications and Security, says the sensors have a wide variety of other uses.

“Vape detection, obviously. Gun detection. It can also detect loud noises, aggression if there’s a fight or something like that, an increase in noise in school.

“It can also tell if someone is trying to tamper with it, trying to throw something on it, cover it up or move it. It also does real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity as well,” Ran Reding, employee with Danmark Technologies, said.

The company will install the sensors over the summer to be ready for the next school year.