Vape Detection Technology That Integrates With Your School’s Existing Security Technology

Vaping is becoming a problem in schools across the entire United States, and even expanding into schools internationally. According to the Annual National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by the FDA in 2022, 1 in 10, or more than 2.5 million U.S. middle and high school students currently use e-cigarettes. This leads to students using e-cigarettes and vape devices in schools, in discreet private areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. With schools trying to combat and contain growing vaping issues in their buildings, they look to smart sensor technology to help with this. Smart sensors such as the HALO Smart Sensor are utilized as they can be installed in areas of privacy like bathrooms and locker rooms, as they do not record audio or video.


But with the addition of new technology to stop vaping in their schools, many wonder if vape detection technology can integrate with their existing security technology that is already in place. That answer is, YES!


HALO Integrates with Your Existing Technology


Smart sensor and vape detection technology like the HALO Smart Sensor has numerous integrations to work with your existing security technology. Schools no longer need to get locked into proprietary systems that force them to replace already working equipment that is in place, or battery-operated vape-only detectors that have their own drawbacks. HALO addresses vaping on an open platform, and most likely integrates with current systems that are in school buildings, providing schools with a cost-effective solution to address their needs. Integrations are consistently being added to the list to further meet the needs of schools and other facilities worldwide, and due to HALO’s open-platform, more integrations can easily be added.


Maximize Your Investments with HALO


Since vape detectors like HALO Smart Sensor can easily be integrated into existing security technology within your school, this maximizes your investment. HALO adds further features that can complement your security technology setup, such as vape and THC detection, gunshot detection, key word alerting, occupancy detection, and much more. Best of all, when paired with your current security system, HALO can bridge the gap with detection in privacy areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms, leaving no blind spots for security within your school.


HALO is the Investment That Continues to Give Back to Schools


HALO is here to help you put an end to vaping in your school. But then what happens to your investment once vaping has ended? HALO is not just a single-use investment solely for vape detection. HALO Smart Sensor is a multi-function health, safety, and vape detection device, that provides much more than just vape detection. With HALO installed in schools, schools can provide a better quality learning environment with features such as Air Quality Monitoring, which integrates and automates with the school’s HVAC system to ensure proper ventilation in each room with BACnet integration. Schools also have the added security of gunshot, aggression, and vandalism detection in all areas of their school. Therefore, once vaping is no longer an issue in schools as we all hope one day, HALO will continue to provide of HALO of protection for your school from the classroom to the bathrooms. Learn more today about how HALO Smart Sensor can help your school by contacting us!

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