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Table Top Crisis Management Powered by BeST

True Security Design provides a comprehensive approach to creating the safest possible environment for your organization and facility. This includes bringing together modern technology and law enforcement experience to assess, educate and train those in your care. A new addition to our training and assessment practice is the introduction of simulated crisis management exercises powered by BeST.

What is BeST?

BeST is a computerized crisis simulation software that helps organizations face potential disasters and deal with them in “simulated” real time – better preparing for the “real thing”.

  • Simulates decision-making scenarios focusing on real-life interactions
  • Real-time analytics & insights to enhance your decision-making processes
  • Compares real decision-making processes to “anticipated” ones
  • Understand why players act like they do
  • Helps organizations improve procedures to be better prepared

How would your school handle an active shooter or impending tornado?

How would your police officers address a crowd control scenario?

How would your hospital staff handle a pandemic response?

How would your company address an active shooter or cyber-attack?

How would your government agency address an environmental disaster?

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