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True Security Design provides a comprehensive approach to creating the safest possible environment for your organization and facility. This includes bringing together modern technology and law enforcement experience to assess, educate and train those in your care.

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True Security Design offers courses for school administrators and staff to help keep their students safe. Topics covered in these courses include crisis intervention, active shooter drills and more.

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True Security Design offers training for schools around the youth vaping epidemic. These trainings cover everything from the dangers of vaping to developing policy and conducting proper investigations.

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True Security Design teaches todays modern professionals’ vital skills through courses designed to engage and empower its participants.

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An effective Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) is the first step in developing an effective security program for your school or business.

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The goal is to transform security training from the tiresome requirement it has too often become into engaging and productive learning through interactive sessions and real-life, role-playing exercises.

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Best Student Threat Assessment Team Training


Best Law Enforcement Education Program

ASTORS Award Winner

Best Risk Analysis Methodology for K12 Schools

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Assessing Risk and Creating A Safety Plan for Outdoor Events

The need for security at any large-scale public event such as a high school football game, a musical concert, a graduation or political rally must be a first consideration for any organizer. We live in a time when violence and chaos can and does strike without warning, placing people in danger of injury or death.…

The 3 Pillars of Survival: How to Stay Alive During A Violent Incident

Getting the right mindset is critical if we are to survive a violent event. Taking advantage of the technology and equipment that is available to us is just as critical, and it’s something that can’t be ignored or avoided. We need to consider what actions will enhance our odds at surviving a deadly encounter. I…

How Can We Prevent Vaping in Our Schools?

Teachers and district administrators all over the United States are scrambling to deal with the student vaping epidemic. For people who are not familiar or sure exactly what vaping is, https://www.centeronaddiction.org defines “Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, often referred…

“Surviving an Active Shooter and Securing your Site for Modern Threats in Places of Worship, presented by Joseph Pangaro, was an invaluable presentation illustrating and emphasizing the importance of procedures, standards and rehearsals. The presentation helped me identify weaknesses in my facility security program and provided solutions and examples for risk mitigation.

Although this course was presented to security leads and representatives of various facilities, this course would be extremely beneficial for everyone in the workplace. I think this will help create a common operating picture in regards to security. I plan to pursue and coordinate either this exact lecture with Joe, or something very similar for my entire facility.”

-Ricky Dumlao, Director, Facility & Maintenance

“We attended the A+Technology & Security Safety Seminar active shooter seminar given by Joe Pangaro in 2019 and it couldn’t be more informative. The procedures they taught us were helpful and received positively by our building when we shared what we learned. We certainly will be putting these ideas into action ASAP and would definitely attend a future seminar.  Thank you for having us.”

-Eric Tenner, Facilities Manager & Chris Spoto, Head Custodian

“At Newsday, the safety of our employees is paramount. Given the times we live in, we wanted to provide our employees with the knowledge and training they need to recognize danger and react in the best way possible. Offering Active Intruder Awareness Training sessions with Lt. Joseph Pangaro, allowed us to do just that. Lt. Pangaro has extensive experience in this type of training. He presents in an easy to understand manner, giving employees valuable information, stressing ‘awareness and preparedness’ rather than fear.”

Tim Winter, Manager, Newsday Security

“The Security Threat Vulnerability, Risk Assessment (STVRA) that True Security Design conducted for the Sachem Central School District was incredibly beneficial to our continued focus on safety and security. Joe Pangaro and his staff brought a professional perspective and energy to the STVRA process. Our district serves over 13,000 students across 15 schools. Throughout the process True Security Design gave every one of our schools the attention required for the most thorough analysis. The STVRA was followed up by opportunities for district administrators to receive ongoing clarification and consultation, as well as a presentation to the Board of Education and our community. Our security practices have been much improved as a result of the audit. True Security Design is most worthy of consideration by school districts seeking exceptional quality in the area of security analysis.”

-Kenneth E. Graham, Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools, Sachem School New York

“The safety of our students and staff and the security of our schools and grounds are foremost concerns. Our collaboration with True Security Design provided the district with a comprehensive assessment of its vulnerabilities, and practical actions that the district can take that respects its primary function, to educate our children in a safe environment.”

-Bernadette M. Burns, Superintendent of Schools, West Islip Schools

“Joe Pangaro and his team are trustworthy and knowledgeable. The security audit they performed for our district was thorough and included specific recommendations to help us improve our operations. I highly recommend True Security Design to other districts seeking an unbiased perspective through the lens of a former law enforcement official.”

-Donald B. Murphy, Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, Hauppauge Public Schools

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