Top 5 Reasons NOT To Use A Battery-Operated Vape-Only Detector

1. Vape-Only Detectors Are NOT Eligible for CARES Act Funding
To receive funding from the CARES Act, you must be implementing technology that includes air quality monitoring to assist with COVID-19 prevention measures. Vape-Only detectors do not provide this technology, however, vape detectors, such as the HALO Smart Sensor, include air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, chemical detection, and much more with its multitude of sensors. Air quality monitoring through HALO allows schools to utilize CARES Act funding to implement this technology.

2. They Do Not Prevent The Vaping Problem
Mobile battery-operated vape detectors do not prevent the issue at hand, which is vaping within your schools. With these vape detectors, you are only chasing the problem, as students can notify others where these detectors are and vape elsewhere. Hard wired solutions are always present, and therefore stop vaping problems in your school outright.

3. Batteries Are Burdensome
Having to constantly change batteries in battery-powered vape detectors can be a real pain. Not to mention, if a battery dies before personnel can change the battery, there can be missed vaping events. Notifications are also typically slower on battery-powered vape detectors, and this is done intentionally to save battery life. Slower notifications make it harder to identify who the individual vaping actually was. All of this makes battery-operated vape detectors unreliable and an inconvenience.

4. Many Battery-Operated Vape Detectors Are Not Certified
Using a non-certified device can pose some risks, most specifically with fire and cyber-security. Many battery-operated vape detectors are not PlenumUL Listed, or FCC certified, among other certifications. When investing in safety technology for your schools, it is important to invest in certified devices, such as the HALO Smart Sensor which is UL certified among many other certifications.

5. Vaping Stopped At Schools – Now What?
While purchasing a vape-only detector may seem enticing to stop vaping at your school, what happens when vaping is controlled within your building? More value can be put into your investment by investing in devices such as the HALO Smart Sensor, which provides air quality monitoring, aggression, gunshot, as well as vape with THC detection. Investing in the HALO Smart Sensor provides your school with comprehensive health and safety awareness in your building.

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