Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

A Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment(TVRA) is the first step in developing an effective facility security program. A TVRA is a comprehensive review of a facility’s existing security conditions at a given point in time. This allows for clearer insight into potential vulnerabilities and liabilities that can put employees, students, staff and property at risk. 

This includes assessment of facility, security equipment, training program, emergency procedures, facility drill practices, written policies, and local threats and emergency resources. 

The TVRA identifies the security risks an organization faces and ensures that a physical security program is designed to combat those risks, providing a road map that can be used to refine or develop a properly integrated safety and security program. 

The TVRA deliverable is a comprehensive written report that lists identified strengths and weaknesses and a step-by-step plan to mitigate weaknesses. It includes a physical presentation of the report to managers and administrators.

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