AI Powered Fleet Telematics Solution

Protect Assets and Drivers Cut Insurance Costs Dangerous Driving and Crash Detection Real-Time Dashboard and Alerts Optional Live Verification and Monitoring

AI-Powered Fleet Management Platform

VuroAI keeps our drivers safe and provides essential videos and data to streamline the claim settlement process. It provides drivers with a good video communication system. Thanks, Vuro!
Henry Ripoll
Operation Manager, Jem Leasing Car Rental

VuroAI uses cutting-edge technology to improve the safety and efficiency of the operation of a public agency, commercial and private fleets. Using IoT and AI technology, VuroAI monitors driver behavior, in-vehicle performance, and real-time GPS tracking. The Vuro Fleet Telematics Solution provides the right tools for fleet managers to prevent incidents, coach and reward drivers to avoid dangerous behaviors, protect and exonerate drivers from unjust accident claims, and maintain the organization’s reputation. Safer driving behaviors ultimately benefit all road users.

How VuroAI is Helping the World Around Us

Improve Driver Safety

Drivers are monitored by our AI-powered detection algorithms. Dangerous behaviors like drowsiness, distraction, cellphone usage, harsh acceleration, and harsh deceleration will trigger alerts to both the driver and the fleet manager in real-time.

Identify Drivers

Facial recognition technology is used to verify the identity of registered drivers at the start of the trip, during the trip and when incidents happen. It protects fleets and insurance companies from liability issues.

Empower Claim Processing

The dual HD cameras capture every second of both road and in-cabin scenes. When incidents happen, the video footage will be saved automatically to the cloud, and provide evidence of the accident.

Roadside Assistance

The device is equipped with a “HELP” button. The driver will be connected to the roadside assistance team with one single press, no matter whether it’s a flat tire, running out of gas, or something else.

Event-Trigger Button

The event-trigger button allows the driver to send an immediate email notification of a driving event and auto-upload the video clip immediately to the cloud.

Fleet Management Dashboard

A powerful but easy-to-use management platform, which allows fleet managers to track vehicle status in real-time, customize Geo-fences for different vehicle groups, analyze video-based event messages and coach drivers to increase fleet safety.

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Fleet Protection Comes First with VuroAI

With VuroAI, fleet managers are receiving:

  • Dual HD Cameras – built-in dual HD cameras with wide angle (145°) lens for both road and cabin video evidence recording.
  • Detection Using AI – AI powered detection algorithms to monitor driver and vehicle behaviors including distraction, drowsiness, cellphone usage, etc.
  • Night Vision Support – built-in Infrared lights significantly improve the night vision capability during extremely low light conditions.
  • Hardened Units – industrial grade components to ensure performance under harsh environments (-20 ~ 70°C operation temperature).


The Facts About Driver Distraction


Fatalities / Day

caused by distraction-affected fatal crashes in the US. (source: NHTSA)


Crashes / Year

due to cellphone usage while driving in the US. (source: National Safety Council)



texting or emailing while driving in the US. (source: National Safety Council)

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  • Protect Assets and Drivers
  • Cut Insurance Costs
  • Dangerous Driving and
  • Crash Detection
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Alerts
  • Optional Live Verification and Monitoring