Lockdown & Emergency Response System

Provides Situational Awareness Provides Live Video and Location Provides Flexible ways to call for help

SentryERS Is The Only Emergency Response Lockdown System Providing Comprehensive Situational Awareness In An Emergency Via Video, Two-Way Voice, Text Message And GPS Location.

“Sentry ERS is the missing link in school and workplace security. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates into almost any organization’s security infrastructure. With its audio, video, monitoring, and messaging capabilities, it provides critical situation awareness capabilities that enhance prevention, reduce incident response times, and will save lives.”
Patrick Hurley

SentryERS is a revolutionary lockdown and emergency response system purposely built with schools and campus environments in mind. With a single button push, SentryERS initiates lockdown protocols and sends immediate alerts to police, providing superior incident awareness with live video, voice, text, and GPS location data from classrooms and other areas where traditional video cameras cannot be deployed – making this device compliant with Alyssa’s Law. Emergency alerts can also be triggered by sound-based gunshot detection, by manually pushing a panic button, through sound-based aggression detection, and via spoken keywords. SentryERS offers complete respect for privacy without transmission of video, audio, or text until initiated and includes an active-shooter drill mode for practice use.

How SentryERS Is Helping The World Around Us

Situational Awareness

SentryERS is the only emergency lockdown system providing comprehensive situational awareness in an emergency via video, two-way voice, text message and GPS location. Each SentryERS consists of two devices, a base unit with a lockdown button that can initiate lockdown protocols for the entire facility, and a dedicated SentryERS QuickCom. Each piece has the capability to broadcast a live video stream and communicate with first responders, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene. This situational awareness system helps prevent the confusion and miscommunication that often accompanies a live crisis such as an active shooter scenario.

Live Video and Location

SentryERS is a simple, easy, and fast lockdown system available to keep our schools safe in emergencies. What makes SentryERS stand out is its ability to provide staff and first responders with the latest real-time information in an emergency through live video and live GPS location information, making it the most effective product to address the chaos and unknown variables inherent in school-based and public facility emergencies.

Flexible ways to call for help

SentryERS offers many flexible ways to call for help in the event of an emergency. Integration with our iPanic system provides easy-to-use, single-button push panic cards that will be recognized by any unit within range – triggering established protocols including notification of 911 for Alyssa’s law. In the event that a teacher/citizen is unable to reach the lockdown device or press the panic button, a verbal help keyword can be shouted to provide a third means of triggering action and alerting security. Users can also utilize the app on their SentryERS QuickCom to select an emergency type or text details via quick message for “silent” reporting.

View a demo of the SentryERS emergency response lockdown system.

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Safety Comes First with SentryERS

With SentryERS, facilities are receiving:

  • Faster response to critical threats – Immediate alerts to police and initiation of lockdown protocols at the touch of a button.
  • Better informed and prepared first responders – superior incident & situational awareness provided by integrating video, voice, text, and GPS location data from rooms.
  • Better informed teachers and other staff members – direct voice and text communication with Security Operators
  • Better emergency preparedness –drill mode with reporting capability.
  • Complete respect for privacy – no transmission of video, audio, or text until initiated by the user. No requirement to install an app on employees’ personal mobile devices.


Introducing iPanic! A simple, double-push panic button that integrates seamlessly with HALO Smart Sensor and SentryERS devices.


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  • Provide Situational awareness for security and first responders
  • Provide live video and the exact location of instances
  • Provide flexible ways to call for assistance including silently