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Sentry ERS

Lockdown & Emergency Response System

Active shooter situations are a horrible daily threat in our society. Schools, places of worship, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, movie theatres, and bars have all been targeted. Sentry ERS is the most effective product of its kind to protect children, staff, and first responders during active shooter and other incidents.

Each Sentry ERS consists of two devices, a base unit with a lockdown button that can initiate lockdown protocols for the entire facility and a dedicated Sentry ERS QuickCom. Each piece has the capability to broadcast a live video stream and communicate with first responders, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene.

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Sentry ERS is the only lockdown system providing comprehensive situational awareness in an emergency via video, two-way voice, text message and GPS location.

With Sentry ERS, facilities are receiving:

  • Faster response to critical threats – Immediate alerts to police and initiation of lockdown protocols at the touch of a button.
  • Better informed and prepared first responders – superior incident awareness provided by integrating video, voice, text, and GPS location data from rooms.
  • Better informed teachers and other staff members – direct voice and text communication with Security Operators
  • Better emergency preparedness –drill mode with reporting capability.
  • Complete respect for privacy – no transmission of video, audio, or text until initiated by the user. No requirement to install an app on employees’ personal mobile devices.

With Sentry ERS our communities now have a SIMPLE, EASY and FAST lockdown system at their disposal.

Other Safety Features

Gunshot Detection

Sensors and patented gunshot detection algorithms have been added to base units to provide automatic alerting of an active shooter in the event the lockdown button is unable to be reached or pushed in a particular location.

Panic Button Activation

Integrated with our iPanic system providing easy-to-use single-button push panic cards that will be recognized by any unit within range and trigger established protocols including notification of 911 for Alyssa’s law.  

Keyword Activation

In the event a teacher/citizen is unable to reach the lockdown or press the panic button, a verbal help keyword can be shouted to provide a third means of triggering for help and alerting security.   

Aggression/Audio Detection

Units include machine learning and AI to monitor decibel levels of a location and establish normal ranges. When an event occurs that is abnormal for the time such as a fight breaking out or an off-hour intruder, the system will automatically trigger event alerts for investigation.   

Event reporting application

Users can utilize the app on their Sentry ERS QuickCom to select an emergency type or text details via quick message for “silent” reporting.   

Optional Dispatch Sources

End users can send responses to any preferred response source such as building security, administration, 911, etc.

Lockdown Drill Mode

Provides a drill mode that alerts all necessary personnel of the “test” and provides response time reporting feedback for all to review and learn from.

Event Mobility

Sentry ERS QuickCom can be removed from the docking stations by security teams and staff members for added security during events.

Privacy Mode

When providing solutions for safety, we understand that maintaining privacy is paramount. To address privacy concerns, The Sentry ERS cameras and audio communication are always OFF and set to privacy mode until the lockdown is activated, the Sentry ERS Phone is pulled, or the Panic Button is deployed! The system can also be configured to turn on for other alerts such as keyword, gunshot, and audible detection.