School’s shock as sensors in toilets show worrying scale of vape use among children

This article originally appeared on Yahoo News UK. 

Horwich headteacher has spoken of his shock after the vape sensors were activated at a high school 112 times in one day.

Tony McCabe said the vape sensors were installed at St Joseph’s RC High School after a rise in the use of the devices.

Previously, over the course of two years, two students collapsed as a result of what was thought to be dangerous drugs in the devices.

Both of the students recovered although one of them was said to not have been breathing for a time.

Mr McCabe said the scale of the issue came as a shock regardless after the vape sensors were activated at the high school 112 times in one day.

Mr McCabe said: “It is as if society have been sleepwalking into a situation where addictive products have been targeted towards young people. We noticed some young people cannot last an hour without the need for a toilet break so we had the sensors fitted to enable us to support those who appear to have an addiction.

“We were totally unprepared for the scale of the issue but we are determined to work with families to educate young people to make wise choices.”

The action on vapes taken at St Joseph’s RC High School includes an appeal to parents to speak to their children and check their bags and clothes as well as work with addiction awareness organisation Whysup.

Some students called for their MP, Chris Green, to campaign on the promotion of vapes and the sale of vapes to children, something addressed by the Prime Minister in his speech to the Conservative Party conference.

Mr McCabe said: “Speaking with young people it is apparent being a young person in the world today is different from when most parents were teenagers.

“The pressure for young people to fit in and the availability and the advertising of addictive products makes it harder for young people to make wise choices.

“We encourage parents and carers to talk to their child about their experiences of vapes.

“We want parents and carers to realise, if an addictive behaviour is interrupting a child’s education, it is time to seek support.”

A recent Bolton Council meeting heard  recently that there are 13-year-old addicts unable to go one hour without a vape and vape sensors going off not just hourly but by the minute.

Shops in Bolton have been raided as part of a crackdown on underage vape sales.

Trading Standards officers have raided shops across the borough as Bolton Council clamps down on the illegal sale of vapes to under-18s.