Ready to become an IPVideo Corporation Reseller?


Why Become an IPVideo Corporation Reseller?

Becoming a Reseller with IPVideo Corp. offers a unique value proposition. As members of our IPVIP program, you have the option to build solutions using products from the entire IPVideo product portfolio, and so much more.

What being an IPVideo Reseller means for your business

Extend Your Offerings With Proven Solutions

Add Our Expertise to Your Team

Deal/Account/Territory Protection

Increase Margins and Volume Incentives

  • Offer your customers proven solutions, developed and tested by talented engineers and system architects and deployed in installations worldwide.
  • Bid on a wide array of installations and know that you can deliver exactly what the customer needs.
  • Choose the hardware and software that you want to build an installation, with the confidence that it will work in the target environment.
  • Partner with a network of innovators, constantly testing the limits of our solutions to ensure you are offering a platform that keeps up with the ever-changing demands of today’s technology requirements. 

The Program in Brief

Our Reseller program, IPVIP, is designed in a way that rewards increasing commitment to IPVideo Corp products and services. IPVIP Resellers with a demonstrated track record of successful IPVideo Corp sales and product knowledge will be able to progress in their reseller level with IPVideo Corp, with each level unlocking a new array of benefits, sales incentives and rewards to strengthen and grow their business.

Requirements to become an Authorized Reseller

  • Fill out IPVideo Corporation’s reseller application
  • To become an authorized IPVideo reseller company, at a minimum, must purchase and complete product training
  • We have three discount tiers:
    • Silver: Purchase and complete remote product training
    • Gold: Purchase and complete remote product training, purchase demo unit
    • Platinum: Achieved upon reaching 300K in annual sales


Joining the program offers the following benefits:

  • Attractive discount levels based on revenue
  • Access to dedicated IPVideo Corp technical support
  • Help with projects in pre-sales, scoping and pricing
  • Opportunity to sell the entire IPVideo Corp product portfolio

Benefits of becoming an Authorized Platinum Reseller:

  • Ability to register projects
  • Receive leads from IPVideo Corporation
  • Participation by IPVideo Corporation in Platinum Reseller customer events
  • Best pricing discount




Access to technical support (Business Hours)


Project pricing availability

Sales promotions

Pre-sales assistance


Sell full product portfolio


Lead Sharing

Participation in VIP events with IPVideo Partners and Executive Team

The IPVIP reseller program incorporates a comprehensive training program designed to equip IPVideo Corporation resellers to effectively scope, design and implement IPVideo Corporation-based solutions. Training courses are available on-line, in-person and on-site.

Ready to become an
IPVideo Reseller?