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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — A school is supposed to be a safe haven where learning takes place but recently, schools all across Baldwin County have taken the extra mile to ensure their school is secure in the event of an emergency. As for Orange Beach City Schools, they’re adding the Halo Smart Sensor.

Orange Beach Schools Superintendent, Randy Wilkes said this safety system is new and he thinks it will be the most effective tool when it comes to different situations.

 “It can detect anything from gunpowder to someone screaming or yelling, it can also pick up tobacco smoke, anything that is being vaped in the restroom and what it does is sends out an alert to administrators in the building,” Wilkes said.

Once an alert is sent out, administrators know the exact location and the situation.

“We are looking for positive results from this,” Wilkes said.

The Halo Smart Sensor is able to detect anything that could be a possible threat to the school. The device will be put into all of the restrooms at Orange Beach High School and Wilkes said this system will be installed and operating within a month.