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November 2019

With over 380 confirmed cases of lung disease related to vaping in the US, schools across the country are looking for ways to combat this epidemic among students. Learn More

We get a lot of questions about HALO – here are answers to a few of the most frequent ones:
Where should HALO be installed?
HALO should be installed in a ceiling, free from any HVAC unit or air vents. 
What is the detection range?
HALO can typically cover 144 square feet with normal ceiling heights(8ft) for vape sensor however other sensors work effectively up to 1000 square feet. Coverage will vary by the ventilation in the room.
Are there any annual cloud fees?
HALO is a security product, not a web app so you won’t have any annual cloud fees!

See more frequently asked questions and learn more about HALO here.

Take a look at the new HALO IOT Smart Sensor demo video! Learn how HALO works and how it can help stop the youth vaping epidemic! Watch Now

Not only does HALO detect vape, but it can also detect vape with THC. This additional detection capability came in direct response to schools’ pleas for assistance in detecting this chemical. Learn More

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