Situational Awareness

The Big Data Analytics Platform for Real-Time Data Streams
Live Earth is a big data platform built specifically for the real-time analysis of live data streams and time series data from multiple devices, sensors and systems.

Connect to any data stream or archived data set
From weather and traffic to vehicle location systems and condition sensors to KML and spreadsheet files, Live Earth can connect to any type of location-specific information you need to see.

Visualize critical information in real-time
Live Earth displays all the data feeds you choose—simultaneously, in real-time—on a single interactive map.

Review all your data instantly
Want to see where everything was and what was happening three minutes ago? Three weeks ago? Three months ago? No wait, no processing time; just scroll back the interactive timeline with a touch of your finger.

Live Earth delivers real-time situational awareness by unifying all your systems, devices, sensors and data streams on a single interactive map. When you can see all your data sources correlated like that, you make unexpected connections. These connections lead to new processes, efficiencies and actionable intelligence.

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