IPVideo Launches VuroAI through Acquisition of Vuro Technologies Fleet Telematics Solution

BAY SHORE, N.Y. – December 12 2022 – IPVideo Corporation today announced it has acquired the assets of Vuro Technologies, a leader in AI-enabled driver and fleet vehicle monitoring and safety. The technology will be rebranded as VuroAI and complements IPVideo Corporation’s extensive product portfolio of unique event-driven AI security and safety solutions that utilize video, audio and sensor technology to effectively mitigate false positives, confirm incidents, accelerate response and deliver long term actional intelligence.

The acquisition allows for an exciting opportunity for IPVideo’s national sales channel to strengthen and expand its service offerings and enhance product capabilities. Vuro Technologies is best recognized for using cutting-edge technology to improve the safety and efficiency of the operation of public agency, commercial and private fleets with their Vuro Fleet Telematics Solution.

“Our customers and dealers have been asking us for security services for vehicles, and with the addition of VuroAI to our product portfolio, we are now able to fulfill that need,” said IPVideo Corporation President, David Antar. “VuroAI is a comprehensive solution that employs IoT and AI technology to monitor driver behavior, in-vehicle performance, and real-time GPS tracking. It offers the right tools for fleet managers to prevent incidents, coach and reward drivers to avoid dangerous behaviors, protect and exonerate drivers from unjust accident claims, and maintain the organization’s reputation. Safer driving ultimately benefits all road users.”

“VURO Technologies is delighted to become part of the IPVideo renowned family of products that work to keep the world smarter and safer,” said Heng Hu, CTO at VURO Technologies. Combining our expertise presents an opportunity to deliver quality fleet telematics technology to an expanded customer base worldwide.”

VuroAI delivers unique insight to keep fleets productive and profitable. The system can autodetect distracted driving behaviors, harsh vehicle maneuvers and a host of vehicle operating parameters. Depending upon the severity, these alerts can be announced audibly to the driver, uploaded to the cloud for driver coaching, or sent via email. Its real-time data is uploaded to the cloud to support a variety of analyses such as fleet utilization, preventative maintenance, route optimization, fuel usage, and more.

VuroAI, currently direct purchased from IPVideo Corporation will be available to distribution in 2023. For more information on VuroAI, visit www.vuroai.com.





PR Contact:

Rick Cadiz

IPVideo Corporation

Vice President, Sales & Marketing





About VURO Technologies:

Vuro Technologies offers an AI-enabled driver and vehicle monitoring solution. It provides an integrated hardware device that uses AI algorithms and multi-sensors to detect dangerous driving behaviors, including distraction, drowsiness, hard acceleration, drunk driving, and more. It offers solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of the operations of public agencies, commercial, and private fleets. It was founded in 2017 and is based in New York City, New York


About IPVideo Corporation:
An industry pioneer since its introduction of one of the first network-based surveillance recording solutions in 1996, IPVideo Corporation, an Advance Convergence Group (ACG) subsidiary, is now at the forefront of developing unique Event driven AI Security and Safety Solutions that utilize video, audio and sensor technology to effectively mitigate false positives, confirm incidents, accelerate response and deliver long term actional intelligence.  The company’s worldwide client base is served by a network of certified distributors, dealers, and system integrators, who benefit from ongoing corporate support and training. IPVideo Corporation is headquartered in Bay Shore, NY. For more information, visit www.ipvideocorp.com.

About ACG:
Advance Convergence Group (ACG) is a conglomerate of multiple companies that are committed to making the world a Smarter, Safer and Healthier Place. We have two business lanes focused on physical security solutions and the education markets. The premier companies that focus on physical security solutions are A+ Technology & Security Solutions, our oldest company, founded over 30 years ago; Virtual Guarding, our newest addition, helping to remotely protect properties; True Security Design, our training division, and IPVideo Corporation, makers of the revolutionary HALO Smart Sensor, a multi-function health, safety and vape device, and ViewScan, an award-winning concealed weapons detection and loss prevention system. Our education markets are headed by A+ STEM Labs and A+ Virtual Learning. A+ STEM Labs is one of the original companies under the ACG umbrella and manufactures science, engineering, and math mobile carts for K-12 schools. A+ Virtual Learning is a K-12 curriculum-based provider of instructional services.