IPVideo Launches Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System to Help Improve Security for Schools and Campuses

BAY SHORE, NY – February 16, 2023 – IPVideo Corporation has made it a mission to help society respond to active shooter incidents with the introduction of its Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System, purpose-built for schools and campus environments.

Active shooter situations are a horrible daily threat in our society. Soft targets such as schools, university campuses, places of worship, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, movie theatres, and bars have all been targeted. In response, the security industry has pushed out one complicated solution after another relying on victims maintaining their composure and dexterity during the crisis. Also, during an emergency, first responders rarely have eyes or ears on the lockdown area where it is needed most.

To help solve this challenge, IPVideo Corporation has introduced Sentry ERS, the first purpose-built lockdown system of its kind with K12 schools and campus environments in mind. With the simple push of the lockdown button on the base unit, the entire school lockdown protocol is initiated. This includes doors locking, PA announcements, and activation of strobe lights throughout a facility. Additionally, audible lockdown messages are played from the unit, location beacons are provided, police dispatch is notified, push notifications are sent out to security, administration, etc., and live audio and video communications are automatically established with first responders to assess and address the critical situation.

Each Sentry ERS unit comes with a dedicated mobile smartphone for those in distress to broadcast a secondary video stream and communicate with first responders live, providing all the latest real-time information at the scene.

“Our mission is always to make the world a smarter, safer and healthier place,” said David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation. “We remain committed to providing facilities with advanced technology like the Sentry ERS Lockdown and Emergency Response System to help keep campus staff and first responders better equipped, protected and prepared for crises of all magnitudes.”

Accurate and real-time information is paramount in active shooter situations. Sentry ERS is the only lockdown system providing comprehensive situational awareness in an emergency via video, two-way voice, text message and GPS location.

With Sentry ERS, schools are benefiting by receiving:

  • Faster responses to critical threats – Immediate alerts to police and initiation of lockdown protocols at the touch of a button. Alerts to in-school SROs can be triggered by gunshot detection, panic buttons, aggression detection and spoken keywords.
  • Better informed and prepared first responders – Superior incident awareness provided by an award-wining dashboard integrating video, voice, text and GPS location data from classrooms and other areas where traditional video cameras cannot be deployed.
  • Better informed teachers and other staff members – Thanks to direct voice and text communication with Security Operators via a dedicated app on Sentry ERS mobile devices and loudspeakers on Sentry ERS base units.
  • Better emergency preparedness – Thanks to drill mode with reporting capability.
  • Complete respect for privacy – No transmission of video, audio or text until initiated by teacher. No requirement to install app on employee’s personal mobile devices.

Sentry ERS will be showcased at IPVideo’s Booth #17099 during ISC West, March 29-31 at the Venetian Expo. Attendees will be able to see live demonstrations of this revolutionary lockdown and emergency response system. For more information visit https://ipvideocorp.com/sentry-ers/.

About IPVideo Corporation:
An industry pioneer since its introduction of one of the first network-based surveillance recording solutions in 1996, IPVideo Corporation is now at the forefront of developing unique Event driven AI Security and Safety Solutions that utilize video, audio and sensor technology to effectively mitigate false positives, confirm incidents, accelerate response and deliver long term actional intelligence.  The company’s worldwide client base is served by a network of certified distributors, dealers, and system integrators, who benefit from ongoing corporate support and training. IPVideo Corporation is headquartered in Bay Shore, NY. For more information, visit www.ipvideocorp.com.

Company Contact:
Rick Cadiz
VP, Sales & Marketing
IPVideo Corporation

PR Contact:
Monique Merhige
Infusion Direct Marketing