IPVideo Corporation’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor a Health and Safety Solution of the Year Finalist at New York City Construction Awards

Bay Shore, NY | March 14 2019: IPVideo Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance, audio/video recording, passive visual weapons detection systems and IOT sensor technology, was selected a finalist of The New York City Construction Awards (NYCCA) 2019 for Health and Safety Solution of the Year for their new HALO IOT Smart Sensor. This is the first recognition for HALO and its ground-breaking technology in the construction and building industry.

HALO has the unique ability to utilize IOT sensors to provide security in privacy concern areas where traditional security solutions are not practical. Now contractors can install security monitoring devices in bathrooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, patient rooms, senior housing units, residential units, et al. and provide a new level of security.

HALO has advanced audio analytics for aggression detection, glass break and gunshot. The air quality sensors measure things like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chemicals such as ammonia and oxidizers as well as methane, propane and natural gas leaks. HALO’s light detection sensors are utilized for sensitivity, lighting levels and room occupancy. These are coupled with built in temperature and humidity sensors.

HALO has an additional integration with POE lighting that provides unique safety measures like providing emergency directional lighting particularly for the hearing impaired. As a sensor detects an alert situation it turns the nearest lights to the sensor red, followed by yellow to green lighting showing the safest egress from a facility.

“With HALO we finally have an integrated safety solution that addresses privacy concerns,” states IPVideo Corporation CTO, Jack Plunkett. “HALO can save lives and we expect will become the standard for all new construction and retrofits. When we designed HALO, it was intended for limited applications doing vape detection and audio analytics for school construction projects. It has now evolved into an unlimited number of construction use cases including Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Commercial, Warehousing, Food Production, Government and Residential.”

NYCCA 2019 Health & Safety Solution of the Year Award celebrates outstanding contribution to improve Health and Safety in the industry, whether through a specific product or through process adaptation. IPVideo Corporation’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor was selected as a finalist from a panel of thirteen judges who are New York Construction Industry Leaders.

“As a New York based manufacturer, we are humbled that the construction industry expert judges have recognized the game changing health and safety features of our HALO IOT Smart Sensor for the future of NYC construction and building design.” states David Antar President of IPVideo Corporation.

HALO goes to a whole other level when it comes to being a security solution by providing advanced warning related to building health issues including air quality, vaping or smoke detection. With HALO, Hospitality and Property Management can monitor for temperature, humidity, pollution, fuel storage and contamination.

All commercial facilities can utilize HALO to combat sick building syndrome, hazardous substances and noise pollution per OSHA guidelines and for industrial workers installing, testing and repairing equipment in confined spaces to eliminate risk of exposure to toxic and combustible gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

The Residential market can utilize for all benefits including detection of natural gas, smoke, CO2, temperature and humidity, glass break as well as specific use cases.

For further information regarding HALO IOT Smart Sensor and IPVideo Corporation, visit www.ipvideocorp.com/halo/ or call 631-969-2601.