IoT Sensor Technology

With the growth of the Internet of Things, sensor devices are becoming more and more prevalent. IPVideo is at the forefront in developing IoT sensor solutions to provide an added layer of security in many places where a traditional security device cannot be deployed such as bathrooms or school locker rooms. With sensor capabilities that can detect vaping, smoking occupancy and aggression detection, IPVideo leverages the power of the IoT to provide smart and safe solutions.


Halo Sensor

We developed the Halo Sensor to provide an additional layer of security in places where traditional security cameras aren’t used, such as bathrooms and school locker rooms. The Halo Sensor can detect vaping and smoking, while also providing occupancy and aggression detection. 

In addition, the Halo Sensor can also detect environmental conditions such as hazardous materials and chemicals affecting air quality and provide real-time situational awareness to help maintain optimal air quality.

Mosaic iSKY & iHOST

Mosaic iSKY & iHOST is a turnkey surveillance system that combines cost-effective wireless IP cameras with cloud-based video management. With a proprietary way of streaming video content, Mosaic iSKY provides an innovative alternative to traditional security guard deployment, providing a 180-degree field of view, video analytics that trigger recording, 2-way communication, infrared view capability, wireless broadcasting and more.  Mosaic iHOST stores video through the cloud and provides a mobile way of maintaining complete situational awareness.

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