Illinois Passes Legislation to Stop Indoor Vaping

With vaping increasing in popularity, many facilities must deal with the issue of indoor vaping in their buildings. However, many states are adapting their indoor smoking laws to also prohibit indoor vaping. Illinois is one of the most recent states to implement legislation prohibiting vaping indoors. The Smoke Free Illinois Act (Public Act 103-0272), bans vaping in public places and outside public places if within 15 feet of an entrance. According to a news report from WTTW News, violators could have to pay a $100 fine on the first offense, and $250 for each offense thereafter. Owners of bars, restaurants, casinos, stores, and other public places covered by the law are also liable — for them, it’s a $250 fine for the first violation, double that for a second violation, and $2,500 thereafter for each violation within a year of the first.

This places a lot of responsibility on property owners of public businesses and organizations to ensure compliance with the new Illinois indoor vaping law to avoid violations and fines. Thankfully, there are devices designed to ensure compliance with no vaping policies. The HALO Smart Sensor is used worldwide as a vape detector, as well as a health and safety monitoring solution for facilities of all kinds. Discover how HALO can ensure compliance with Illinois Public Act 103-0272 through the detection of vaping in all areas of every facility.



Proven Effectiveness

HALO is trusted in thousands of locations around the world from a variety of types of organizations and has been proven to be an effective tool for building safety, security, and healthy buildings. This smart sensor device has received numerous awards and accolades from multiple organizations within the security and safety industry, including Security Today, American Security Today ‘ASTORS’, Security Info Watch, and Security Industry Association. Along with official awards, HALO has been praised by its customers throughout all different industries, including K-12 schools, hospitality, healthcare, public housing, and more.


Integration Capabilities

HALO seamlessly integrates into existing security systems through its open platform, providing a comprehensive solution. IPVideo’s partner integrations for HALO includes a wide portfolio of surveillance, cloud management, access control, emergency notification, and building automation technologies and is continuing to grow each day with new integrations.  Many well known and large brands in the space can directly integrate with HALO, including Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, Axis Communications,  Aruba, Gallagher, Bogen Communications, and BACnet to name a few. This further adds to the investment of HALO as an addition to your already existing technology in your facility.  


Maintains Privacy

HALO does not record audio or video, allowing it to be placed in areas where privacy is expected, such as bathrooms and locker rooms. This alone has made HALO a game-changer for security and vape detection within K-12 schools, and growth within retail, commercial, and housing industries, as security cameras cannot be placed in these areas, bridging a gap in visibility and security.


Comprehensive Vape Detection

The HALO Smart Sensor emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of public health and safety, setting a new standard in vape detection technology. With advanced capabilities in identifying and responding to vaping instances, the HALO Smart Sensor is vital in sensitive settings such as schools and healthcare centers.

Employing sophisticated sensors, HALO vape detectors accurately discern the unique chemical compositions of various aerosols, including vape, vape with THC, and vape masking and tampering events. Its integration with existing security systems enhances real-time monitoring and ensures prompt, effective responses. Beyond mere detection, HALO serves as an educational and preventive tool, contributing to overall health and safety through air quality monitoring and emergency management.


Goes Beyond Vape Detection

The HALO Smart Sensor has 15 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction to detect a multitude of measurements, and is easily customizable. HALO provides health and air quality alerting, aggression detection, keyword alerting, and more, maximizing the value of your investment in HALO by providing security for the areas of privacy in your facilities.   You can even add the option of people counting with a people counting sensor add on in 3C-PC model.

Equip your facilities with HALO to uphold compliance, create safe environments, and invest in a solution that provides a comprehensive approach to health, safety, and vape detection. Contact us today to learn more about how HALO can help create health, safe, and vape-free facilities, and ensure compliance with new indoor vaping legislation.

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