Hays High School installs vape detectors

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HAYS Kan. (KWCH) – With an emphasis on student safety and to combat underage vaping, Hays High School has installed vape detectors within its building.

Hays High School installed its new form of security a few weeks ago. Simply put, the vape detectors alert staff when vaping takes place near them.

‘Just since the first week since they’ve been in, it’s just been way better for the school already,” a Hays High School student named Cooper said of a situation fellow students say has been “a big problem,” at the school.

Hays High School Principal Shawn Henderson said even though vaping at the school isn’t widespread, having the detectors helps to prevent the bigger problem.

“We just wanted to be proactive and preventative,” Henderson said. “It’s about health and wellness and it’s about helping kids resist those choices that are destructive.”

Henderson said he wants to help students make better life decisions. That’s the core reason why, he said, the high school now has vape detectors.

“We’re trying to give students a reason to not choose that decision. We’re trying to give them one more reason to say no,” he said.

Henderson said getting student support was important.

“It will more likely put a stop to them and there won’t be more underage vaping,” he said.