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An all-in-one security device and environmental detector!

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Vape and THC Detection

Identify vaping in bathrooms, waiting rooms, and patient rooms.

Prevent Spread of Infectious Disease

Ensure rooms have been cleaned and that air is properly filtered.

Air Quality Monitoring

Automate and ensure proper ventilation in each room with BACnet integration.

Gunshot Detection

Identify gunshots and location with two-factor authentication. 3rd party certified.

Vandalism and Trespassing Alerts

Receive notifications when lights or noise is detected in unauthorized areas and after hours.

Monitor Noise Levels

Manage dangerous noise levels and identify and respond to noise disturbances.

Hands-Free Calls for Help

Patients and staff can call for help using specific key words. Get notified of aggressive behavior in lobbies and patient rooms.

Chemical and Gas Detection

Catch chemical spills and hazardous gases in labs, mechanical/utility rooms, custodial closets and maintenance areas.

Manage Energy Costs

Monitor HVAC effectiveness and only use when rooms are occupied.

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