HALO Smart Sensor New Features Including HALO Cloud with Release v2.3

Bay Shore, NY | May 4, 2021 IPVideo Corp. announced today that it will be releasing new product features for their HALO IOT Smart Sensor that will provide upgrades and HALO Cloud in its new version 2.3.  

The new features of the HALO Smart Sensor include a new 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, gunshot detection enhancements, air quality calibration enhancements, and an upgrade that allows the device to connect to the all-new HALO Cloud.  These new features will be available through HALO’s firmware v2.3 update. 

HALO allows its users to capture comprehensive building awareness with an all-in-one device.  Used for health and safety, HALO is a vape detector, an air quality monitor, and a complete security device for your entire building including privacy areas where you do not want to use a camera or microphone. 

HALO Cloud is the new optional value-added cloud service that provides a dashboard for multiple HALOs displaying all events, current and historical, and empowers staff to provide an effective response to many monitoring points, and provides long-term oversight into managing the health and energy efficiencies of your building.

HALO Cloud provides Live View Maps, monitors HALO’s connection status, and provides deeper analytics and reporting. Increased management and logging capacity are also provided, helping meet requirements through the EPA, CDC, ASHRAE, local health departments, board, or customer requirements.  HALO Cloud is secure; utilizes AWS and has secured a third-party penetration audit.   

“When HALO first came to market it was primarily used by school districts who were looking for a way to tackle the vaping epidemic and deploying 6-10 devices that could be managed individually.”  States David Antar President of IPVideo Corporation.  “With HALO’s new security and air quality features it has exploded in popularity, new markets, and in the number of devices and is common for a facility to deploy 100’s of HALOs.  IPVideo developed our HALO Cloud to greatly assist our clients with device management and provide them with long-term analytics and reporting to help them make informed data-driven decisions.”   

Additional features in HALO’s v.2.3 release include gunshot enhancements such as algorithm improving recognition, dual authentication, and 3rd party certification to 35’ in all directions with no required line of sight. In addition to broader international language support, A 5th spoken key word alert for better performance and the ability to set alarms below or between thresholds is critical for air quality management in the fight against Covid-19 transmission.

Capture comprehensive building awareness with the all-in-one HALO Smart Sensor. 

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