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HALO Quick Start Guide

About This Guide

The HALO Quick Start Guide explains how to make initial connections and settings for new HALO Smart Sensor devices. The following are prerequisites.

  1. One or more HALO Smart Sensor devices connected to a standard office network where the steps in the HALO Installation Procedure have been followed resulting in confirmation that the device is operating and physically connected to the network.
  2. The network must be (at least temporarily) provided with a DHCP Server to provide initial IP Addresses.
  3. If static addressing is planned, then the correct subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS address must be known.
  4. An accessible Windows 10 PC connected to the same network with the Chrome web browser installed and must have the HALO Device Manager (HDM) installed, available at: https://ipvideocorp.com/downloads/halo/fw/HALO_DevManSetup.2.0.exe

Finding the HALO Devices on the Network

Start HALO Device Manager (HDM) on the PC by double clicking the program icon. Please refer to the HDM Guide for connection instructions, available at:https://ipvideocorp.com/halo-downloads/

There should be an IP address for each HALO device on the network (for example, 192.168.1.X ).

Connection to a HALO Device

Navigate to the desired HALO by either selecting the HALO in HDM and Open Web Page from the Actions drop down menu (Chrome must be default browser) or navigating directly to the IP address in the Chrome web browser. The default Username is “admin” and the default password is “changeme”. Click OK to connect to the HALO device. Make note of this password as it is needed again later. HALO contains a security feature that requires a user to generate a new means of authentication before access is granted to the device for the first time. An END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) has been provided at first login to every HALO to ensure proper utilization of the HALO software and present important terms, restrictions on use, limits on liability of IPVideo to the end-user, and other useful clauses. At logon the user will be required to add the end username, email address, organization and title to acknowledge.

You will then be presented with the Dashboard of your HALO Smart Sensor.

From this dashboard you can navigate to various display and configuration pages including:


Device Name

The Device Name is going to appear in every notification and is used to identify the location of the HALO.
Ex.: High School Boys West Bathroom
Navigate to the Device page, type in the desired name and click the “Save Name” button.

Network Configuration

If the facility network requires the use of Static IP Addresses, obtain the IP address, Sub-net Mask, Gateway, and DNS to be used for this specific Device, and follow these steps. Set the Automatic (DHCP) to Off to enable use of a Static Address. Enter the desired IP Address, Netmask (Sub-net Mask), & Router (Gateway) in the format shown.
Enter the DNS Server IP Address or Domain in the format shown. Click “Save & Reboot” to commit these settings.

Setting Up Notifications

The HALO uses SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) or 3rd party API connections to send out alarms.

  • You can use you own SMTP server.
  • If you do not have an internal SMTP server, you can use a free Gmail account. We would recommend creating a separate Gmail account for your HALO units.
  • Detailed setup instructions for your Gmail account are in our HALO Notifications Setup document located in the downloads section of our web site. There are specific settings that need to be activated within the account so be sure to follow the guide.

Multiple recipients can be added, when entering multiple they individual recipients are comma separated (see your service provider for email to text conversions).

Recipients can be emails and / or phone numbers:

ex: example@gmail.com, example2@gmail.com
ex: halo@ipvideocorp.com, 9171231234@txt.att.net

*Note to integrators/resellers – we understand it is common practice to change passwords for cybersecurity measures. Please keep in mind that the latest device passwords will be needed for troubleshooting if you request support from IPVideo.

Download PDF version of this guide:

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*HALO IOT Smart Sensor is Patent Pending
**All information is subject to change without notice.

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