HALO IOT Smart Sensor from IPVideo Corporation Wins Two 2020 Secure Campus Awards for Spoken Key Word Alerts and Gunshot Detection

Bay Shore, NY | April 8, 2020: IPVideo Corp. announced today that the new privacy security features for their HALO IOT Smart Sensor have earned two 2020 Secure Campus Awards.

IPVideo Corporation was selected as a 2020 Secure Campus Award winner in two categories: Fire and Life Safety and Emergency Notification/Mass Notification. The new award-winning features of the HALO IOT Smart Sensor include spoken key word alerting and gunshot detection through HALO’s firmware 2.0 update.   

Individuals under duress can now utilize a spoken key word to send instant alerts to security for help in privacy areas that cannot have a camera, areas like bathrooms, hotel rooms, patient rooms, dorm rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, apartments, et al. Thousands of incidents still occur in these places each year and needed privacy laws maintain their vulnerability, until now.

Now a daughter in her dorm room, a hotel housekeeper, a patient under duress, a student in a hazing incident or your elderly parent living by themselves can alert security to an attack or emergency situation in real-time by shouting a key word like “HALO HELP”. The audio is still not being recorded maintaining privacy, but the alerts are automatically sent to security for immediate response. To help diffuse situations, the alerts can also trigger an audible message that an emergency has been declared and security has been notified.   

Another new feature is the addition of machine learning capabilities to establish audible level “normalcies”. Advanced gunshot detection audio analytics can trigger a facility lock-down and an emergency call response via the integration of third-party security applications when detected.

All these new features will be available for download via the new firmware 2.0 at no additional cost! 

Campus Security & Life Safety magazine recognized the HALO IOT Smart Sensor’s new features as an outstanding campus security product announcing it as a 2020 winner of its Secure Campus Awards competition in two categories: Life Safety and Emergency Notification/Mass Notification. The awards were announced on March 18th the original date for the postponed ISC West show.

“These new features are a game changer for the security industry and campus environments which did not have a good solution in place for privacy areas.” states David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation. “We are constantly looking to bring new features to better protect our clients and citizens and I am very pleased that we were able to include these great new safety and technical features at no additional cost to our campus customers.”

“While its product awards contest is relatively new, I am honored to have Campus Security & Life Safety magazine take a forward interest in the products available to campuses nationwide. We also are pleased to be a vital part of providing solutions that will protect our children and young adults in the learning environment,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Campus Security & Life Safety magazine. “Within the security industry, we all have a vested interest in protecting learning spaces and providing security to our valuable assets, the children.”

HALO IOT Smart Sensor and the 2.0 firmware updates are patent pending.

For further information regarding HALO IOT Smart Sensor and IPVideo Corporation, visit www.ipvideocorp.com/halo or call 631-969-2601.

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