HALO IOT Smart Sensor and Vape Detector from IPVideo Corporation Wins Two 2019 Campus Safety BEST Awards

Charlotte, NC | August 7, 2019: IPVideo Corporation, a leading manufacturer of audio/video recording, passive weapons detection systems and IOT sensor technology, was selected as a 2019 Campus Safety BEST Award winner in two categories: Emergency Communication Safety and Security Applications and Inspection and Detection Equipment for their HALO IOT Smart Sensor.

The HALO IOT Smart Sensor has taken off this year in response to the nationwide youth vaping epidemic. It is the only product to detect vaping with Nicotine or Marijuana (THC oil). HALOs have been installed in school bathrooms and locker rooms across the country in K-12 institutions and is moving into college dormitories. In addition to vape and smoke detection, HALO has several safety features including abnormal sound detection, chemical detection and air quality monitoring.

Campus Safety Magazine and Campus Safety Conference recognized the HALO IOT Smart Sensor as an outstanding campus security product in two categories: Emergency Communication Safety and Security Applications and Inspection and Detection Equipment. The award was presented today at the Campus Safety Conference East, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We are very proud of this award and the recognition of the Campus Safety judging panel for recognizing the game changing nature of HALO” states David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation who received the award. “HALO is the missing piece for campus environments as it provides security for bathrooms, locker rooms, patient rooms and dorm rooms where you cannot put a camera. For areas that have camera visibility, the real time integrated alerts provide campus security with the other missing senses of smell and hearing in those environments.”

The 2019 Campus Safety BEST Awards recognize superlative security, law enforcement, emergency management and safety solutions for K-12 campuses, institutions of higher education and healthcare organizations. All entries were judged on all aspects involved such as innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, benefits to the installer or monitoring provider, and benefits to the end user. “Campus Safety Magazine takes pride in focusing on content that helps protection professionals in the healthcare and education markets keep their students, teachers, patients, visitors, and campuses safe and secure,” says Robin Hattersley Gray, executive editor of Campus Safety.

“This has been a tremendous year for the HALO product and all of its award recognition as an industry transforming product.” IPVideo Corporation Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rick Cadiz stated about HALO. “However, the real win for us is the customer feedback we are hearing; including putting an end to youth vaping inside schools and aiding security teams in preventing dangerous events from escalating.”

HALO IOT Smart Sensor has the unique ability to provide instant IoT sensing to event-based triggers and provide security in campus privacy concern areas where traditional security cameras and solutions are not practical. HALO uses multiple sensors together in a single intelligent platform to learn, analyze and create event alerts. We follow the adage that in the world of safety “time equals life”. HALO uses real-time event driven analytics to respond while an event is happening, greatly reducing damage to property and loss of life.

HALO has advanced audio analytics to detect sound abnormalities like glass breaking, yelling and gunshots. The air quality sensors measure things like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chemicals such as ammonia and oxidizers as well as gas leaks. HALO’s light detection sensors are utilized for room occupancy. These are coupled with built in temperature and humidity sensors. The additional integration with POE lighting provides unique safety measures like providing emergency directional lighting for the hearing impaired. HALO goes to a whole new level as a campus security solution by providing advanced warning related to health issues including air quality, vape or smoke detection.

HALO IOT Smart Sensor is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is Patent Pending.

For further information regarding HALO IOT Smart Sensor and IPVideo Corporation, visit www.ipvideocorp.com/halo or call 631-969-2601.

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