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HALO Installation Guide

Before You Start

Tools required include: #2 Phillips screwdriver, T10 Torx wrench (included), and means to make the mounting hole (120 mm hole saw, 5” hole saw, or hand saw for sheetrock).

The HALO unit requires a wired network connection (Ethernet) which includes standard 802.3af PoE power. This connection should not be longer than 300 ft (100M).

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HALO should be located on a ceiling.

HALO should be in an area relatively free of air currents. Avoid HVAC exhaust or return ducts, fans, and areas near the door between two rooms.

HALO mounting should avoid areas with significant background noise or vibration.

Please consult an Authorized IPVideo Reseller or IPVideo Corporation for additional installation guidelines.


Ascertain that the ceiling material is between 0.06” (3 mm) and 0.75” (19 mm) in thickness.

Make the required 120 mm or 5.0” hole in the ceiling. Clean up and make certain that dust or material from this operation does not come into proximity of the HALO unit. Use this full-scale template to check your dimensions before cutting.

Bring the connectorized network connection through the hole and allow it to dangle.

Use the Torx wrench to remove the 3 screws holding the HALO outer cover.

Plug the network cable into the RJ-45 jack on the side of the HALO unit.

After 10-15 seconds the green LED in the lower left corner should commence blinking indicating a good network connection and power availability.

Carefully insert the HALO unit into the hole, taking care not to damage the network cable.

Use the #2 Phillips screwdriver to tighten the two screws in the flange. This action first rotates the locking wings to an extended position and then pulls them down to secure the unit. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN these screws.

Replace the HALO outer cover and use the Torx wrench to tighten the (3) securing screws.

Wrapping Up

The final steps are to use the HALO DEVICE MANAGER (HDM) software (on a Windows computer) and change the unit’s network configuration in accordance with the facility network plan.

Move on to the HALO Quick Start Guide or the HALO User’s Guide for more information on this topic.

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