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HALO K12 Education

A real-time vape detector and all-in-one security device!

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Vape and THC Detection

Identify vaping in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Prevent Spread of Infectious Disease

Ensure rooms have been cleaned and that air is properly filtered.

Air Quality Monitoring

Automate and ensure proper ventilation in each room with BACnet integration.

Gunshot Detection

Identify gunshots and location with two-factor authentication. 3rd party certified.

Aggression Detection and Calls for Help

Students and staff can call for help using specific key words. Get notified of fights in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Chemical and Gas Detection

Catch chemical spills and hazardous gases in science labs, mechanical/utility rooms, custodial closets and maintenance areas.

Vandalism and Trespassing Alerts

Receive notifications when lights or noise is detected in unauthorized areas and after hours.

Federal Grants for K12 Schools

Recent additional CARES Act funding has been approved for schools for a variety of different school needs, including projects to improve and/or monitor indoor air quality at school facilities. With this recent passage of funding, implementing vape detectors and air quality monitoring systems like the HALO Smart Sensor are more obtainable than ever.

IPVideo Corporation can help your school secure CARES Act funding for HALO!

HALO Testimonials

“I can say this very simply, the HALO sensors have completely eliminated vaping in the restrooms and locker room area’s at our school. They have been better than advertised! When you add in the tampering alarm and the bully component, it has been a great asset to our staff and school. The ease in installation and programming, along with the success we have experienced make them worth every penny!”

-Mark Ruark, Principal, Saxony Lutheran High School

“The HALO sensors are a new and very important component of our district’s plan to deter and detect vaping and most importantly to educate students on its harmful effects. The HALO sensors were simple to install and configure by our own staff members in only a few hours. We took a very positive approach to the installation, throughout the purchase and install process, students were made aware of the upcoming devices. Our school principals made several videos explaining their presence and our goal to stop vaping, not to catch students and give consequence. Despite this, within the first 3 days of installation, 9 students were caught vaping.  Anecdotal reports from students indicate that after only two weeks, vaping has decreased drastically throughout our schools.”

-Dr. Mark D. Beehler, Assistant Superintendent, Salamanca City CSD

“…the HALO device does everything that IPVideo Corp has said it would do. “

-Allen Pfingsten, Security System Specialist, Carroll ISD

“With the HALO Smart Sensor, IPVideo has hit the Vape Detection and School Security market at the right time with the right product features. As a security integrator I’ve never seen as much customer interest and response in a product as we’ve received with the HALO.“

-Pete Wright, Comm-Works

“They’ve worked perfectly since the day they were set up,”

-Justin Lander, Director of Technology, Glen Cove CSD

“My biggest shock as an educator is that we have elementary school kids vaping. HALO detects the chemical compounds in the air and sends the notification to our administrators. We tested in our High School last year and so far, so good. The devices are tamper resistant and do set off an alarm. We want to send the message that vaping is a serious problem here.”

-Randy Wright, Chief of Administrative Services, Olentagy School District

“It’s a way for us to regulate areas where we can’t regulate with security cameras. It will notify whoever we have setup as an administrator in the system. So that can be through email, it can be through cell phone, it can be through a text, or through different means.”

-Kurt Stephens, Assistant Superintendent, Lufkin Independent School District

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*HALO Smart Sensor is Patented.
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