Forbes Reports On Juul Lawsuit Update 2023

When Juul Labs introduced their e-cigarette in 2015, they were considered a pioneer in the vaping industry, accounting for approximately 75% of e-cigarettes sold. At the time, the e-cigarette was marketed as a safer, healthier alternative to smoking.

In 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered Juul Labs to stop production and sales of its vaping products. The company faced over 5,000 lawsuits, most of which alleged the company engaged in deceptive marketing or that they failed to warn users about the true risks of their products.

In an article from Forbes in November of 2023, Christ Bieber, J.D. reports on the latest updates regarding Juul and their legal battles over the past two years.

Visit the full article from Forbes for more information on recent lawsuits and settlements, or to learn who is eligible to pursue a claim concerning Juul.

Insights from Consumer Notice

Similarly, has recently reported that Juul settled its biggest lawsuit payout yet in 2023, with $462 million awarded to seven states and territories. Plaintiffs claim the company marketed its products to teens, fueling an underage vaping epidemic. School districts across the U.S. have also filed new lawsuits.

According to their article, “Juul Labs has been ordered to pay out $462 million to seven states and territories: New York, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Washington, D.C. To date, Juul has settled with 48 states and territories for more than $1 billion in vape lawsuits. More than 5,400 lawsuits are still pending in August 2023.”

Consumer Notice goes on to write, “School districts have filed new lawsuits involving Juul e-cigarettes. The company has been accused of falsely advertising its e-cigarettes and targeting minors, leading to a nicotine addiction crisis among young people. E-cig lawsuits have also named Altria, a major tobacco company, which until recently had a stake in Juul. Many cases are starting to see settlements.”

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