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The Indian River County School Board wants to do something about students vaping on campus. Now, it’s tackling the issue by possibly installing vape detectors in the school bathrooms, according to a report by WPTV, which is an NBC news affiliated station serving the West Palm Beach area.

The tech-savvy solution has some complications to it leaving school board members hesitant, according to the report.

The device would be able to detect vape smoke but it’s also alert to noise and sound changes, which leaves board members with questions about privacy.

WPTV reported the devices do not record sounds or conversations as listed by the manufacturer.

The devices are about $1,000 each, and would not be used at every school in the county right away.

Another issue the board discussed is punishment. Board members were reportedly unclear on how to proceed when catching a student vaping.

Some suggested that vape violators should be sat down with their parents for a discussion on the dangers of vaping.

More research into the idea is necessary before implementing a pilot program.