Caldwell School District seeing growing vape problem on campus

The Caldwell School District is cracking down on vaping as it becomes a growing issue on campus.

School resource officer Eric Phillips said the vapes have made it difficult to tell when kids may be smoking.

“Unlike cigarettes that smell up quite a large area when it permeates through the hallways, or at least the bathroom itself, vapes, when they’re smoked, they dissipate really quickly,” said Phillips.

That’s why the school district started to install vape detectors.

“They decided to invest in a vape detector system that is installed in the bathrooms that detect the chemicals that come from nicotine and marijuana vapes,” Phillips said.

Caldwell High School now has 22 detectors in bathrooms throughout the school to catch all those vaping culprits.

“We’re getting anywhere from 10 to 15 activations a day,” Phillips said.

Once the detector goes off, the school can be notified through a phone or computer and show exactly when and where the incident occurred.

“This provides the school the ability to pinpoint a more specific timeframe that was used; therefore, they can pull in a much smaller range of kids.”

While the detectors may only be a small solution to the problem, the hope is to discourage teens from smoking in the school and altogether.