Top 10 Reasons Schools Should Install Vape Detectors

Recently, vaping has been presented as the sleek, modern reflection of smoking. Marketed as less harmful than cigarettes, offered in different flavors for more enjoyment; vaping has become more accessible to the youth, usually influenced through their peers and the media. However, students are also becoming more susceptible to the harmful side effects of vaping. As the public does its best to help hammer down regulations and restrictions of these products, school districts have taken action against the school vaping epidemic by investing in and installing vape detectors…

Vaping Detectors & Student Privacy

Areas of privacy within schools, like bathrooms and locker rooms, are no longer safe havens for students who vape in schools. Installing vape detectors greatly deters students from vaping in schools, especially in areas of privacy. Vape detectors are useful to prevent this vape epidemic from becoming even more of a problem than it already is. This technology also allows designated officials to receive notifications that alert them to when a student is vaping, among a multitude of other different things. Numerous benefits are capable with the implementation of vape detectors in schools.

How Vape Detectors are Giving Students Their Bathrooms Back

Students who do not want to have any part in vaping are losing their bathrooms as a result of other students vaping in schools. Some have been deterred from using bathrooms completely to avoid second-hand smoke. Vaping detectors are a solution to this problem. Devices like these are now allowing students to use school bathrooms without worry of inhaling second-hand vape smoke. As a result, school bathrooms have become safe to use without worry of encountering vaping students and an overall vape-free environment. Ultimately installing these vape detection devices will prevent…

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