Bangs ISD Incorporating HALO Smart Sensor Safety Devices

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Bangs ISD is set to be the first school district in the area to incorporate a new and innovative safety technology device. Director of Operations for Bangs ISD, David Garcia, has announced that Bangs will be installing and using Halo Smart Sensors around their district. The “Halos” are devices introduced by IPVIDEO Corporation to help with different issues that may occur in areas not always accessible by cameras or other devices.

The HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness. It is the #1 vape detector worldwide for vaping and vaping with THC detection.

“With the new laws passed by the state last month dealing with vaping and vaping devices in public schools, we wanted to make sure to be ahead of the game and ensure everyone knows how important this is to our district. Vaping can be seen in public just about anywhere and it’s easier than ever to obtain and conceal one. Everyone can smell cigarette smoke, but vaping has made it to where the scents can be everyday smells and they vanish within seconds. This has become an issue nationwide in schools. We don’t know the long-term effects of vaping, but we are going to do our part to assure our students remain safe on our campus. 

The Halo Smart Sensors not only detect vape, THC, and cigarette smoke, but they can detect motion, self-harm words, bullying words, and act as a carbon monoxide detector and carbon dioxide detector.

“The technology behind the Halo Smart Sensor is extraordinary with everything it provides. The detectors can detect if someone is trying to tamper with it, it can detect if someone is trying to mask the smell of vape with another type of scent such as cologne or perfume and the feedback is instant sending alerts through email, text messaging, and push notifications.”

Bangs ISD is set to have the Halo Smart Sensors installed around the district within the next two weeks.