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AVfusion is a recording solution designed specifically to work with network (IP) video cameras and take advantage of network connectivity. Set up your cameras to record in whatever location you desire, and the AV recording is transmitted over the network to a central recording location. Connect many cameras to a single AVfusion system simultaneously. Recording is as simple as clicking a button, and recorded files can be shared and viewed using standard multimedia players used by today’s computers, tablets and smart phones.

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What Makes AVfusion Special?

Flexible and Scalable System Design: Because AVfusion recording equipment is network based, you have total flexibility in how you set up your system. Increasing the number of recording locations is as easy as adding new cameras to the network. Similarly, locations for viewing and controlling the recording process can also be set up independent of the server location, as long as these control stations are connected to the network.

Makes File Cataloging Easy: Each session recorded by AVfusion is assigned a specific identification number or case number, description and key identifiers that make it easy for you to quickly determine its contents, even among hundreds or thousands of files. Fully searchable notes and bookmarks can also be added to video, making it easy to quickly call up video clips from the centralized database relating to a specific incident. AVfusion recording system makes data management easier than ever.

Perfectly Synchronized Audio and Video: Today’s network video cameras can be trusted to deliver high-quality images but maintaining synchronization with video is often challenging. AVfusion calibrates audio and video, frame-by-frame, keeping them synchronized throughout the entire recording process.

Keep Files Secure: When files are recorded directly to AVfusion’s secure hard drive, rather than to removable media like DVDs, you limit the risk that they’ll end up in the wrong hands.

Key Features:

  • Frame-by-frame synchronized audio with high-quality video
  • Start recording from any PC or single push button
  • View live video from any PC with included client software
  • Streamline data management by tagging videos with  various “terms” for easily searchable notes
  • Mark topics for quick playback of important events
  • Use IP cameras or legacy analog cameras with encoders

Award-Winning Product!

Winner – Best Security Workforce Management Platform

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