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AVfusion is also designed to enhance the educational process by allowing the teacher to record activity within the classroom and then share it with students for additional review. It also allows teachers to “flip the classroom,” in which outside video content can be integrated within the classroom and recorded as one video file for easy playback by students. 
AVfusion is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, network-based audio/video recording system that can offer tremendous value to educational institutions seeking to support and enhance the learning experience. It is a cost-effective recording solution designed specifically to work with network (IP) video cameras and screen capture software while taking advantage of network connectivity. Set up your cameras to record in whatever location you desire, while the AV recording is transmitted over the network to a central recording location. Capture the image and video content from any PC, interactive whiteboard or panel display, while connecting numerous cameras to a single AVfusion system simultaneously. Recording is as simple as clicking a button, and recorded files can be shared and viewed using standard multimedia players used by today’s computers, tablets and smart phones.

Benefits for Education:

  • “Flip the classroom” and prep for class with pre-recorded video content.
  • Record student presentations and simulations, allowing both teachers and students to assess areas of strength and weakness.
  • Use video to document student performance on oral or clinical exams, and to substantiate assigned grades.
  • Record class activity or shorter tutorial sessions to allow students to repeatedly review and study important concepts.
  • This system requires minimal support from IT or administrative personnel.
  • One system can record video from multiple cameras/locations.
  • Remote access to view both live and recorded video.
  • Remote placement of recording server and control station makes recording technology unobtrusive. Only a camera and microphone are necessary at the interview location.
  • Can be deployed with or without a camera.
  • Easily search for recorded files for specific content, using video tags and cataloging data.
  • Minimize the risk of unauthorized viewing or copying by storing files on a secure server instead of removable media.
  • MP4 file format can be viewed using standard media players.
  • Applications can include: lectures, demonstrations, dissertation defense, clinical environments, medical simulations, law school, mock trials, oral argument practice and depositions.

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