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AVfusion is also designed to assist coaches involved with team sports as it can record activity on the playing field in HD quality, and provide a valuable training aid using notes and integrated coach instruction. 
AVfusion is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, network-based audio/video recording system that can offer tremendous value to colleges, universities and professional sports organizations seeking to enhance their program with an A/V platform. Designed with a simple to use interface, sports training and games can be recorded in HD quality over a simple network connection. Set up your cameras to record in whatever location you desire, from the playing field to the training rooms; and the AV recording is transmitted over the network to a central recording location. Connect many cameras to a single AVfusion system simultaneously. Recording is as simple as clicking a button, and recorded files can be shared and viewed using standard multimedia players used by today’s computers, tablets and smart phones.

Benefits for Coaches

  • Record both live sporting events both indoor and outdoor in stunning HD.
  • Capture Audio and Video in perfect synchronization.
  • Bookmark various aspects of videos for easy playback.
  • Tag video with various “terms” for easy search functionality.
  • Remote access to view both live and recorded video.
  • System requires minimal support from IT or administrative personnel.
  • One system can record video from multiple cameras/locations. 
  • Remote placement of recording server and control station makes recording technology unobtrusive. Only a camera and microphone are necessary at sports location.
  • Easily search for recorded files for specific content, using video tags and cataloging data.
  • Minimize the risk of unauthorized viewing or copying by storing files on a secure server instead of removable media.
  • MP4 file format can be viewed using standard media players.

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