Frequently Asked Questions on the Motorola Acquisition of IPVideo

IPVideo has been acquired by Motorola Solutions, a leader in safety and security technology internationally.

More information about Motorola Solutions and their range of safety and security products can be found on their website at

The acquisition of IPVideo allows Motorola Solutions to extend its end-to-end physical security offerings by integrating the non-video threat detection capabilities of IPVideo’s HALO Smart Sensor into its existing safety and security ecosystem. This enhances their ability to protect people, property, and places.

The HALO Smart Sensor is a vape detector, air quality sensor, and more that provides powerful measuring capabilities to improve situational awareness and extend the perimeter of security while protecting privacy. It is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution suitable for enterprises and businesses of all sizes.

IPVideo will continue to operate under Motorola Solutions, with a focus on strengthening and expanding the innovative safety and security solutions delivered to customers.

IPVideo’s products, including the HALO Smart Sensor and the SentryERS lockdown and emergency response system, will continue to be developed and supported. The collaboration with Motorola Solutions will drive further investment and innovation in IPVideo’s product offerings.

While Motorola Solutions is committed to integrating and enhancing IPVideo’s products, they have issued a forward-looking statement that acknowledges risks and uncertainties, and they do not guarantee future results or performance. Details can be found in their SEC filings and on their website.

For our existing customers, it is business as usual going forward. You can rest assured that continuing to provide you with the exceptional service and support you expect will remain our priority. All transactions with IPVideo will proceed as before, and your business contacts within the company will not change.