A new way to tackle the problem of students vaping on campus in Ventura County

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State-of-the-art vape detectors are going into bathrooms of some schools in Moorpark Unified School District.

Because liquid in an e-cigarette is vaporized rather than burned, it’s difficult for teachers and staff to catch students in the act of vaping on campus.

Some schools in Ventura County are tackling the problem by installing state-of-the-art vape detectors in school bathrooms. They are intended to deter students from using e-cigarettes.

“This is part of an effort because we recognize that vaping is a major health concern for students,” said Daniel Wolowicz, from Moorpark Unified School District.

He says the state of the art detectors will be a helpful tool in tackling the problem, which is prevalent even in middle schools.

“It’s being more pervasive so it’s just one more step for us to deter those students and lead them to make healthier choices,” he told KCLU.

“These detectors also give students a sense of comfort who don’t want to be around students vaping,” he said.

The 12 HALO smart sensors are being installed in bathrooms at Moorpark High School, Chaparral Middle School and Mesa Verde Middle School.