Latest AVfusion Release is Tailor-Made for Law Enforcement Interrogation Rooms

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by IPVideo Marketing

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May 12, 2015 |  Bay Shore, NY:  IPVideo Corporation, a manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and command center solutions,  has introduced the  latest version of AVfusion, a turn-key audio/video network recording, editing and streaming solution that uses IP cameras. Based on feedback from numerous police departments from across the country, AVfusion has been updated to include the necessary features ideal for high definition (HD) interrogation and interview room recording.  With an easy-to-use interface, law enforcement agencies now have a network video recorder that includes innovative features such as a key-fob that inserts video bookmarks during live recording, HD video clarity with the ability to zoom-in on playback, a robust search engine making searching and locating of videos easy, and so much more.

Most NVRs that attempt to record audio and video using IP cameras suffer with a lack in synchronization, resultingin sub-par video playback that is similar to watching a poorly dubbed foreign language movie where the moving lips and speech do not match up.   AVfusion’s software allows for perfectly synchronized audio and video recording using IP megapixel cameras, resulting in fluid playback at 30 frames per second, This is a critical need for law enforcement agencies, who must presentvideo evidence that has the highest level of integrity. Notes may also be added to the video files, corresponding to designated locations within the recording, making it easy to search for specific content.  

“AVfusion is a perfect solution for law enforcement agencies because it was designed based on specific requests and feedback from police departments across the country,” explains David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation. “What makes AVfusion so much different than other A/V recorders is the blending of HD clarity and its ability to help make a police department’s job so much easier.”

AVfusion for law enforcement begins shipping in Spring, 2015. Learn more at