The IPV Connection - Jan/Feb 2016

Your Monthly Update of News and Happenings


The City of Fort Myers Announces State-of-the-Art Security Command Center

IPVideo Corporation has introduced a state of the art, city wide, installation that will aim to safely monitor the whole downtown area of Fort Myers, Florida. Our SentryVMS video management system now connects 49 ultra-high definition IP cameras strategically deployed throughout the city to monitor pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The project was initiated in response to the deadly shooting at the zombie-themed street festival that occurred in the downtown area in October of 2015. “There isn’t a city in America right now, this moment, that is as sophisticated as the City of Fort Myers in this regard … in the way of surveillance, in the way of reaching out and having the opportunity to catch a would-be perpetrator who’s going to decide to threaten our citizens.” - Fort Myers Mayor, Randy Henderson Jr. 


IPVideo ipVIP Lounge

IPVideo is proud to introduce the exclusive ipVIP Lounge where, as a valued partner, you'll have access to our easy-to-navigate sales tools, product training support, and other resources -- all designed to help you grow your business with IPVideo Corp. Your success is our success, and the ipVIP lounge is an example of our commitment to this shared vision.

Look for more information in the coming months. Contact your IPVideo representative to obtain login credentials.


Rolling Out the Happenings

The new social media project IPVideo has rolled out has been to designed to update new and existing customers with all the happenings, in the most effective ways. IPVideo is investing in a more powerful social media program to better serve you. Media platforms will include LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and an exciting weekly blog. Be sure to follow us! Click on the icons to the left.

Direct Customer Support Line: We now make it easier than ever to contact our technical support team with a direct access line. Call (631) 647-9970 between 8AM and 5PM EST to speak with one of our trained technicians. You'll be amazed at how quickly we'll have your problem resolved.


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