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5 Things We Hate About Security Lines

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Weapon detection systems have become a norm of today’s society, and unfortunately not a norm people enjoy. You can find weapon detection in airports, schools, commercial buildings, municipalities, and more. While weapon detection technology has advanced tremendously, many still find traditional security lines to be a real pain. Here are five of the most common things we hate about security lines, and how the ViewScan weapon detection system makes security lines more tolerable.

Are They Even Safe?

Going through machines that emit radiation and x-rays can make anyone feel not at ease. Weapon detection systems have advanced tremendously to not be as harmful as traditional radiation and x-ray systems. There are completely passive systems that do not emit radiation and are safe for all to go through, such as ViewScan. Those with medical devices or who may be pregnant can walk through ViewScan worry-free.

The Line Takes Forever!

Everyone has had a horror story of waiting too long at the airport to go through security. However, not all weapon detection systems create long lines of people waiting. ViewScan scans all visitors entering or exiting quickly, all while pinpointing precise locations of objects. The speedy throughput of the system also eliminates lost employee productivity and improves the security screening process overall.

Taking Off Shoes and Jewelry Gets to Be Annoying

We know the drill. Shoes off, jewelry off. It gets to be a pain, especially if you forget to take off that watch you always have on. Those that forget to take off their jewelry before going through a ViewScan system won’t create a false alarm! ViewScan avoids detection of non-ferrous metals that jewelry and other accessories are typically made of, such as gold and silver, and only detect ferrous metals which weapons are commonly made of.

Pat Downs Are Uncomfortable

Getting patted down at a security checkpoint can feel invasive and unpleasant. ViewScan eliminates the need for pat downs through it being able to pinpoint the precise location of each object. The advanced imaging snapshot technology that is used in ViewScan shows the exact location of objects on a person in a user-friendly interface, saving both you and security personnel from awkward pat down procedures.

Security Checkpoints Are Intimidating

Many organizations implementing weapon detection equipment into their facilities worry that it will be intimidating to visitors and personnel. However, there are many ways to make weapon detection systems unobtrusive and not as visible. ViewScan can be concealed in a door frame to better integrate with your entrances, and has a slim and narrow profile to reduce visibility and better blend in.

ViewScan stands out from the common grievances and complaints many have about weapon detection equipment and sets a new bar of expectations. Take a look at how the system is used, or contact us today for more information on utilizing ViewScan for your facility.

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