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5 Best Practices for Recorded Interviews and Presentations

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There are many benefits and reasons why one might choose to record a presentation or an interview. One might want to share a lecture with a class virtually or need to pre-record a presentation to send out to multiple people. With many having to adapt new technologies with many things being virtual or remote this year, it is important to also learn the best practices of recording an interview, lecture, or presentation.

1. Limit the Length of the Presentation

For optimal retention, it is best to not create a long-winded presentation. This is true of all presentations, but with pre-recorded presentations where people may watch on their own time, keeping the viewers’ attention on the recording is pertinent. Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information recommends “chunking” your presentation into 15-minute segments as opposed to a presentation that is 45-60+ minutes in length.

2. Consider Adding Text Transcripts

Text transcripts not only make your presentation ADA compliant, but is also helpful for viewers of your presentation, interview, or lecture to follow along. According to a study from PLYmedia, there is an 80% increased likelihood that a viewer will completely watch a video from start to end when there are text transcripts or closed captioning.

3. Focus on Your Audience

When doing a live, in-person interview, it is best practice to stay focused during your presentation and try and be engaged with your audience. The rules still apply for pre-recorded presentations and interviews. If you seem focused on your topic and the audience, viewers will reciprocate.

4. Avoid Specific References When Possible

Avoid using times, deadlines, or other time-related information that is unique to a topic. This is especially useful when repurposing recordings will be necessary.

5. Remember to SMILE!

Engagement is everything when it comes to presenting in front of people. When you are doing your recording, remember to smile and be enthusiastic!

One tool that is helpful for organizations looking to pre-record any interviews, lectures, or presentations is AVfusion. AVfusion is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, network-based audio/video recording system that can offer tremendous value to organizations that require recordings. It is a cost-effective recording solution designed specifically to work with network (IP) video cameras and screen capture software while taking advantage of network connectivity and providing perfectly synchronized audio and video through constant frame-by-frame calibration during the recording process. This technology has been implemented in a wide portfolio of facilities, such as schools and higher education for lecture recordings, police departments for interview room recordings, sports teams for recorded sports practices, and more.


Interested in learning more about our recording solution? Contact us today to inquire about implementing AVfusion for your organization. 

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