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How To Prevent Theft in the Workplace

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Theft in the workplace is a serious problem that must be taken into consideration for any place of work, especially for warehouses that may contain expensive or desirable goods.  According to an article from Supply Chain Junction, most businesses with warehouse components suffer a great deal loss due to inventory shrinkage caused by theft within the warehouse, by their internal employees. With loss prevention equipment, you can prevent inventory being stolen by anyone that comes in and out of your warehouse facility, whether it be employees, vendors, contractors, or visitors. Here are some ways to curb employee theft in your warehouse and distribution center.

Educate Employees About Anti-Theft Policy

A good communication plan to employees regarding anti-theft policies can go a long way to curb inventory from leaving your warehouse. Some ways of doing this are by stressing a zero-tolerance theft policy or having employees sign a code of conduct that outlines consequences for theft in the workplace. You can also implement anonymous channels of reporting theft in the facility that allows open, yet confidential communication among employees. Plus, a plan like this would also deter thieves due to the known presence of colleagues keeping an eye out.

Improve Warehouse Layout

Taking a look at the layout of the warehouse and any weak points where theft could be easier is a good place to start in cracking down on theft and improving your loss prevention efforts. Something as simple as how you store cargo or limiting access to certain areas can be a huge improvement in loss prevention efforts, according to Newswire.

Conduct Background Checks For New Hires

Skimping on your hiring tactics could end up being detrimental to your loss prevention plans. Conducting background checks when hiring can help weed out potential problem employees. Without conducting any preliminary background checks, you run the risk of hiring someone who could have previously stolen from their last workplace or worse. Plus, you can have confidence that your newly hired employee will be an asset to your team by looking more into their background.

Implement New Technology

Sometimes just investing in some new technology can aid tremendously in your loss prevention efforts. Take a look at your existing security technology, or lack of technology, and come up with a plan of new tools to implement to prevent theft. ViewScan is one tool that can efficiently and safely monitor against theft in the warehouse and distribution center setting. ViewScan is a technologically advanced passive walkthrough detection system. While ViewScan’s primary function is to detect weapons, many facilities have also implemented it into their loss prevention protocols. ViewScan’s sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of objects such as guns, knives, or stolen property. It can also detect any objects that may have been masked by materials, such as aluminum foil or plastic.

ViewScan has helped many companies and distribution centers with their loss prevention protocols. With ViewScan being implemented into your loss prevention procedures, you also save time. Traditional security scans or other loss prevention procedures can take up time, especially during busy hours when many people are entering and exiting the facility. ViewScan can scan people entering and exiting instantly, versus creating a line of people going through for pat-downs or traditional metal detectors. One electronics distribution center that implemented ViewScan even saw an elimination of unproductive payroll by 75% due to the efficiency of ViewScan.


Interested in learning more about ViewScan for your warehouse or distribution center? Contact us today to learn more about implementing ViewScan into your loss prevention procedures, and see a reduction in theft, as well as an increase in security.

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