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Benefits of Lecture Recordings and Classroom Recordings

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Classroom and lecture recording equipment has been utilized by many schools, colleges, and universities to record classroom activity for students to review later on in their studies. However, with many schools going hybrid or full-remote due to COVID-19, many educators are trying to figure out ways to adapt to asynchronous education. One way that schools work to adapt to remote learning and hybrid learning is the recording of lectures for students. This is particularly useful for educational institutions that may be hybrid – half in-person and half remote – so that students can view the in-person lecture when they are remote. There are many benefits to implementing the best video recording equipment for classrooms and lecture halls. Read more to see what some of these benefits entail. 

Review of Presentations and Assignments for Grading

The biggest use of lecture recording for education is the ability for the review of work by professors and students at a later time. With lecture recording equipment and software, instructors can view recordings of interviews, presentations, or performances to critique and grade students. This helps instructors better evaluate a student’s performance with the ability to play-back to specific key points of an assignment. Some specific examples of classroom and lecture recording being utilized for grading and critiquing include:

  • Journalism students use to conduct interviews that are then critiqued
  • Medical and Nursing students use to conduct patient interviews and are then critiqued
  • Legal students doing depositions and criminal investigation
  • Musical students performing pieces assigned by professors
  • Athletic departments recording practices and giving feedback

Increasing Accessibility and Comprehension

With the ability to playback recorded lectures, students can learn and review their own way. Education is more easily accessible to everyone with features such as playback speed adjustment and closed captioning. That way, students who may have disabilities or prefer to learn a certain way can review with what works for them. Some students also need to hear lessons more than once to comprehend. Students can re-watch lectures as many times as they want or need, without worrying about slowing down the class or lecture for everyone else.

Ability For Students to Replay Lectures to Review

With lectures being recorded and the ability for professors and teachers to share recordings to students, students can study and review material more efficiently. Students can access lecture recordings that may have been earlier in the academic year to study for midterm or final exams and refresh themselves on the curriculum.

AVfusion is particularly useful in the education field, due to its simple push-button recording, remote access for live and recorded video, and easy-to-use interface to manage recordings. AVfusion is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, network-based audio/video recording system that can offer tremendous value to schools seeking to support and enhance the learning experience. It is a cost-effective recording solution designed specifically to work with network (IP) video cameras and screen capture software while taking advantage of network connectivity and providing quality audio and video with no delays.

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