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ViewScan and Sentry Paired Together to Combat COVID-19 Spread

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As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, businesses, schools, municipalities, and commercial buildings are looking for ways to protect their personnel, as well as visitors. Businesses, organizations, and general employers have a responsibility to curb the spread of coronavirus in their facilities, by following CDC guidelines. Some of these guidelines include daily health screenings, face-mask mandates, as well as social distancing policies.  With many of these guidelines being implemented into workplace protocols, this also involves facilities implementing new workplace and security technology to fulfill these guidelines. 

ViewScan integrated with Sentry combines the two technologies into one system. With this technology, your facility gets technology such as mask recognition, temperature screening, facial recognition, as well as visitor management.  Your employees, as well as any visitors or customers that visit your building, can feel safe and secure knowing that all COVID-19 prevention procedures are being followed. 

Temperature Detection 

Sentry’s temperature detection camera system utilizes the most accurate temperature measurement, with an error of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius. During this health crisis, accurate temperature detection is crucial to ensuring the safety of personnel in your building. Whether you are implementing Sentry in your school, hospital, or office building, you can be confident that you will get accurate and automatic temperature detection from anyone that walks inside your facility.  

Mask Detection 

In many jurisdictions, it has become necessary to wear a mask and socially distance when inside of a public building, such as a store, office building, government facility, or anywhere where you can encounter another person. With this “new normal” in our lives, many times people can simply forget that they are not wearing a mask when entering a building. Sentry utilizes high-tech security camera technology to detect if people entering your facility are wearing a mask. When paired with our ViewScan system, if a mask is not detected then the person will not be permitted to enter the facility. 

Keep Your Facility Protected Against COVID-19 

As we progress through this world pandemic, businesses and organizations need to take the necessary precautions to flatten the curve. Whether you are looking to implement ViewScan with Sentry for your school district, healthcare network, office building, or warehouse space, this technology will give you, your employees, and any visitors confidence that all COVID-19 precautions are taking place.  Contact us today to inquire about implementing ViewScan and Sentry into your facility! 

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