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How the HALO Sensor Makes Schools Safer

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Smoking in schools has been an issue for decades. Now schools have even more to worry about with the increasing popularity of vaping. These problems plus bullying and other disruptive activities are too much for teachers and staff to handle by themselves. In order to make schools safer, there needs to be a better process for stopping smoking, vaping, and other distractions.   Using a security system like a sensor, school faculty are able to focus on other tasks instead of monitoring students. By connecting the sensor with the school’s security camera system, administrators gain a full view of what was previously undetectable. Here’s how IPVideo Corporation’s HALO Smart Sensor makes schools safer.

Cut Down on Smoking and Vaping

Positioning the HALO sensor in places where students are most commonly vaping works both as a deterrent and a detection method. With real-time alerts being sent to school officials, you can easily identify when and where students are smoking or vaping. The HALO sensor also allows staff to be proactive instead of reactive. Not only is it more effective than the traditional way of catching students, but it’s quicker and easier.   After implementing the device, many schools have found that vaping in places like bathrooms has decreased. The HALO Smart Sensor now also detects THC, allowing for even more precise policy enforcement.

Curb Bullying and Other Disturbances

It’s normally difficult to intervene when bullying is happening outside the classroom. In places like bathrooms, stairwells, and hallways, the only real way to address the issue is after it has occurred. With the HALO Smart Sensor, you can now detect loud sounds like yelling. This enhanced security makes it easier to eliminate disturbances and help students learn safely.   The sensor’s alerts allow school faculty to receive messages right to their phone so they can investigate what has set off the alarm. In conjunction with security cameras, this can be used to identify students engaging in vandalism, bullying, or other disruptive activities.

Detect Unseen Hazards

In addition to detecting smoke from cigarettes and vapes, the HALO sensor can sense disaster before it happens. The sensor can detect chemical spills in any room of the school. Position them around science labs or custodial closets to find any leaks or spills. You’re also able to monitor temperature, humidity, and moisture levels to prevent mold and illness in classrooms or cafeterias.   IPVideo Corporation’s HALO Smart Sensor is the perfect addition for schools looking to improve overall student safety, stop vaping, and detect harmful situations. Contact us for more information and learn more about the offerings at IPVideo Corporation.

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