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HALO Smart Sensor - Vape Detection • Health & Safety Monitoring
SentryERS - Lockdown & Emergency Response System

HALO Smart Sensor

Prevent vaping while capturing comprehensive health & safety awareness data for your building with our multi-functional health, safety and vape detector.


Emergency Lockdown system providing comprehensive situational awareness in an active-shooter emergency via video, two-way voice, text message and location.

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IPVideo’s health, safety and security solutions protect areas of privacy, help to stop youth and adult vaping and drug use, and provide security personnel and first responders with the tools they need to better protect their communities. The company’s worldwide client base spans sectors including Education, Public Housing, Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate, and Healthcare, and is served by a network of certified distributors, dealers, and system integrators who benefit from ongoing corporate support and training.
"Whether it's a masking, whether somebody sprayed cologne or some type of chemical in there, or whether they're in there, and it's a nicotine vape or even a THC vape, it'll tell us the difference."
Director of Safety for Options Charter Schools
“The vape detectors have been efficient in detecting when students are vaping, allowing us to address the issue immediately.”
Tyler ISD Chief Communications Officer
“It's rather futuristic...It just gives us another layer to help keep our students safe and help keep them protected as well”
Principal, Webster Learning Center

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Together we can make the world a smarter, safer and healthier place.