The USS America

The USS America is the navy's first amphibious assault ship, commissioned on October 11, 2014. She is designed to carry Marines into battle and put them ashore with the support of aircraft and helicopters. Her state-of-the-art construction includes IP surveillance cameras throughout, which are viewed and controlled using the Watchstander interface, created by IPVideo Corporation.

Watch a video of the ship's commissioning in San Francisco during San Francisco Fleet Week 2014.


This Image was released by the United States Navy with the ID 140805-N-YB590-185

Watchstander Provides Simple Jog Wheel Control of SentryVMS

IPVideo Corporation developed Watchstander™, a custom interface and hardware accessory for SentryVMS, specifically for the U.S. Navy. Watchstander™ provides a rugged, stable and easy-to-use interface for video surveillance within the ship's live ordinance areas.

Due to turbulent conditions at sea, the US Navy required an interface that solely relies on a jog-wheel device, allowing operators to review live and archived video footage of multiple security cameras.

Key Features:

  • Jog-wheel and pre-programmed button interface
  • Toggle between individual cameras and camera layouts
  • Simple client option that can run parallel to standard VMS client
  • Durable and stable software interface










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