Mosaic Web Client

The Mosaic Web Client

is an intuitive, web-based interface to view, play back and share video. It provides instant access to the most commonly used functions, and it is quick to learn and simple to operate for users of all levels. The Mosaic Web Client provides remote access to the surveillance system from all common browsers and computer operating systems. Mosaic Web Client runs on any Internet-enabled computer or device without installation, including optional browser plug-ins. It offers system scalability and an optimized user experience in systems with many users.

Mosaic Web Client Key Features

Simple to Use

  • Essential surveillance functions: Instantly view live video from one or multiple cameras, play back video recordings and control pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Wide compatibility: Works with all of the most common operating systems and web browsers including: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, OS X®, Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Google Chrome™ and Mozilla® Firefox®

Securely Share Video

Easy evidence sharing: Send video (AVI) or still images (JPEG) with other online users, eliminating the need to burn evidence to a DVD or put it on a USB flash drive
HTTPS support: Provides secure communication between Mosaic Web Client and IPVideo server(s)

Remote System Access

Output control: Even when off-site, users can trigger outputs, such as opening/closing doors and switching lights on/off
Federated Architecture support: Users can access cameras from all sub-sites in large, multi-site installations

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