Global Fusion Center

IPVideo Corporation opened its first Global Fusion Center in 2013.  Utilizing IPVideo’s video management systems (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) technology solutions, this facility offers fully integrated visual verification and security monitoring solutions as an affordable cloud-based service to clients in education, government, health care, public utilities as well as major corporations. 

Staffed by retired law enforcement and military personnel, the Global Fusion Center provides 24/7 real-time surveillance and visual verification of security events as a service.  The software behind the Center allows for the rapid integration of security information from disparate sources into an easy-to-use common operating picture, enabling security professionals to monitor video feeds and alerts for clients worldwide. IPVideo’s C3 Fusion software provides security personnel with the ability to monitor large networks of cameras, access control and various security subsystems with all relevant data clearly presented to facilitate their immediate, and appropriate, response to critical incidents.

Fusion centers are designed to promote information sharing between clients and Federal, state and local agencies, thereby assisting in resolving security events in times of urgency. As a process, fusion centers provide an overarching method of managing the intelligent and integrated flow of information for future analysis. 

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